About Us

iDefensiveDriving.com believes in giving you the opportunity to dismiss your traffic ticket(s) without the burden of sitting through a long and boring classroom dissertation. We believe that a safe and defensive driving environment begins with a responsible driver, and we are ready, willing and able to provide you with the tools and resources you need to achieve that standard and goal, in the shortest amount of time.

The iDefensiveDriving.com executive team has an extensive background in public education, and municipal court systems. The majority of our lead team members and consultants have worked at the highest levels of US and state education support services, and have an in-depth knowledge of statewide traffic court systems and processes. This combined experience, allows for a comprehensive and first-hand knowledge of the training and resources you need to dismiss your traffic ticket in the shortest amount of time, while becoming a safe and defensive driver in Texas. We honestly believe that no other individual or company is more qualified to provide online defensive driving instruction than iDefensiveDriving.com

Our courses are designed to provide the shortest instructional time allowed by law, while offering the most relevant, engaging and entertaining text, narration and videos in the industry.

Thank you for choosing iDefensiveDriving.com, and we look forward to seeing you driving “safely” in Texas.