Course Details

Know What You’re Getting Into is your number one option if the court has afforded you the opportunity to dismiss a traffic citation by completing a defensive driving course.

But dealing with the misfortune of a traffic ticket isn’t the only way to benefit from completing our course. Most insurance providers offer a premium discount for completing defensive driving as well!

* Defensive driving courses may only be taken once in a 12 month period for ticket dismissal purposes.

It’s In the Details

You will be guided through 11 well organized chapters of course material, perfectly staged to optimize your learning experience. Each chapter contains topic specific facts and information, sorted into concise, perfectly measured formats to keep you engaged and involved.

All of those portioned bites of knowledge will be accompanied by dynamic graphics and imagery, as well as various multimedia presentations designed to entertain while they educate.

Then, once you have been led through each of the topics in every chapter, you will NOT take a final exam! That’s right. We have designed our course to meet the state’s testing requirements without the dreaded final exam. Instead, you will be presented with small quizzes, which can be retaken, at the end of each topic to evaluate your comprehension.

Have it Your Way

Imagine having your own dedicated instructor come to you, wherever you are, anytime day or night, to facilitate a defensive driving course at your discretion. makes that a reality.

With our course, you can study anytime, from anywhere, and at any pace you feel comfortable with. You can make it a six hour cram session, nibble at it 5 minutes at a time, or anything in between. The choice is yours.


  • Study whenever you want
  • Study wherever you want
  • Access your course from any device you want
  • Work at your own comfortable pace
  • Work around your normal schedule


  • Get stuck in a boring classroom
  • Waste your entire day or weekend
  • Rearrange your schedule
  • Listen to a long tedious lecture

Let remove all the roadblocks and put that ticket in the rear view mirror!