The Best Times to Buy a New Car


Here are a few tips from on the best times to buy a new car…

  1. Early in the week: Most people shop on weekends when dealerships are full, buyers are abundant, and sales teams can get a higher premium on each vehicle sold. By shopping early in the week and avoiding the crowd, you will have a better chance of finding a salesperson who is motivated to make a sale, and willing to negotiate a better deal.
  2. Late in the day: Like most working folks, sales teams are anxious to get home and spend time with their families.  They will not want to spend additional time, after hours, negotiating a deal. So, if you’ve done your homework, and already know exactly what vehicle you are looking for, this would be a great time to pay the dealership a visit.
  3. End of month/quarter: Car dealers and sales teams must meet monthly/quarterly goals, to earn their bonuses and incentives; therefore, this would be a good time to find a  salesperson who has yet to meet their monthly/quarterly goal, and is willing to do whatever it takes to close the deal.
  4. When new models come out: New model vehicles usually come out at the end of summer. During this time, dealerships will want to make room for their new inventory, and are more willing and motivated to sell their current inventory at the price you want. So do your research, find out when the new model of the car you want is coming out, and go pay the dealership a visit just before this time.
  5. End of year: At the end of the year, dealerships are trying to meet year-end quotas, and reduce the fees and taxes they pay on year-end inventory. Sales teams are trying to meet year-end quotas that may award them bigger holiday bonuses. This is the perfect combination for new-car shoppers looking to find a great deal.

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