Choosing an Online Defensive Driving Course

There are two main reasons most people take a defensive driving course in Texas, ticket dismissal and insurance rate reduction. Defensive driving courses are mandated to last six hours, and so many people are now opting to take the course online. The advantages are that you can take it at home, on your computer, and at your own pace. It still requires six hours of coursework, but in most cases, you can take up to 90 days to complete it.

Method 1 – Taking the course to dismiss a traffic ticket:

  1. Request permission from the court to take the course. You have until the appearance date shown on the ticket to make the request. This can usually be done in person or by mail. Contact the court indicated on your ticket.
  1. Prepare your information to mail or to take in to the court. Most courts will require the following information:
  • Admission of guilt or signed statement that you do not contest the citation.
  • Proof of a valid Texas driver’s license
  • Court administrative fee (varies by court)
  • Copy of your insurance policy
  1. Find a course online. The simplest way is to type “defensive driving + online + Texas” into your favorite search engine. That will give you many choices. But, make sure the company you select is accepted by the State of Texas. Defensive driving courses in Texas are overseen by the Texas Education Agency. All of these courses must last a minimum of six hours. If you find one that says it doesn’t last six hours, it’s definitely too good to be true. Pick a course that is engaging, offers video clips and look for good deals, such as FREE Narration. A narrated course will allow you to multi-task or do other hands-free activities while you comfortably listen to your course work. We highly recommend
  1. When you finish your defensive driving course you will receive a Certificate of Completion. You will need to turn this certificate into the court that oversees your case. From the time you receive permission to take the course, you will normally have 90 days to turn in the certificate. Many online defensive driving courses allow you up to 90 days to take the course. You can log on and off at your discretion. But be sure to be done and have your paperwork in by the due date.

Method 2 – Taking the course for insurance premium reduction:

  1. Make sure your insurance company accepts a defensive driving class as a way to reduce your insurance costs.
  1. Pick an online course. Follow step “3” above.
  1. When you finish your defensive driving course you will receive a Certificate of Completion. Send that certificate to your insurance company to receive your premium discount(s).