Don’t Follow Too Closely


Don’t follow too closely behind the car in front of you. Always leave at least 2-4 seconds of travel time between your car, and the car you are following.

Some experts will tell you to leave a minimum of 4 seconds; although other experts believe that the 4-second rule may invite other drivers to cut to closely into the lane in front of you, which can cause other serious traffic hazards.

While this may sound like a tip that applies to simply being a better driver, this tip also promotes defensive driving principles for emergency situations.

In the event of an urgent or abrupt stop ahead of you, your car will have more time and space to avoid a rear-end collision. This helps the driver behind you as well, because it improves their reaction time and stopping distance – which will be a big plus if they haven’t been paying attention, are slow to react, or drive a vehicle with a longer braking distance (such as an SUV).

So keep your distance and improve your driving outcomes.

This has been another “safe and defensive” driving update from