Who Says Nothing’s Free Anymore?


It’s a cool and rainy morning here at the iDefensiveDriving.com headquarters in Southeast Texas, and what a treat I had, when I pulled into our local McDonald’s to get a cup of coffee.  As I pulled up to the window to pay, using a fair amount of defensive driving skills, (apparently Southeast Texans love their McDonald’s), I met a joyful cashier who started our conversation with… “Good Morning, on this beautiful rainy day!”. After a short exchange of pleasantries, I inquired as to how much I owed for the coffee, and with a big smile, the cashier stated, “No Charge, we are offering FREE cups of coffee every morning for the next two weeks”.

Here is a link to the McDonald’s promotion

So whether you are driving in the rain or shine, be sure to utilize your “safe and defensive” driving skills, and if you have the occassion, pull into your local McDonalds for that FREE cup of coffee.  Be sure to tell your smiling cashier that you were referred by the good ‘ole boys and girls down at iDefensiveDriving.com