Focus on the Horizon


Rather than keeping your eyes fixed on the car right in front of you, keep your eyes focused on the horizon (a technique that race car and other professional drivers call “high-eyes”).

Many urban drivers become fixated on the car right in front of them, and become lulled into an autopilot mode; braking when the car in front of them brakes, and accelerating when the car in front of them accelerates. This can be a very BIG problem if the driver in front of you is not paying attention, and doesn’t brake in time to avoid hitting the car that came to an abrupt stop in front of them… if your eyes were fixed on the back of their car, you will most likely be a party to the accident.

If you keep your eyes focued on the horizon, you will be better equipped to see any activity that may cause an accident well before it happens, and you will have plenty of time to adjust accordingly.

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